Cultura de Remezcla:::Remix Culture


 ¿Vivimos en una cultura que podriamos denominar de Remezcla?

¿O bien existen tendencias particulares hacia el Remezcla que conforman un grupo cultural específico?¿Es la Remezcla una forma de conocimiento contemporaneo?¿Puede mezclarse cualquier con cualquier cosa?O ¿Debe existir una regularización acabada de las categorias posibles de Remezcla?

Vito Campanelli and Danilo Capasso sugieren multiples comentarios en torno a la idea de lo remixable, en la entrevista “Responses to 5 Questions Posed by Lev Manovich”

“The statement that “we live in a remix culture”, while correct, also implicitly suggests that there are some cultures which are not remix cultures, or that the phenomena of remixing in our current culture is something relatively new. I would argue that this implication is false, and that all human cultures are defined by their ability to assimilate new ideas and adapt to changing memetic environments. While it certainly is the case that digital technologies like networking, hypermedia and sampling have considerably accelerated the pace at which cultural materials are distributed and repurposed, the ability to generate and incorporate new combinations of ideas is mandatory in even “traditional” and “conservative” cultures. While today’s DJs and VJs have made an almost painfully self-conscious profession out of mixing fragments of music and video, such remixing is hardly their privileged domain; we see it equally well in Indian cinema, African popular music, or, to take an extreme example, the Qaeda movement’s appropriation and repurposing of air travel and the Internet. “



~ por postdance en enero 20, 2008.


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